Kinetics Sports Alliance


Kinetics Sports Alliance

About Client

Kinetics Sports Alliance (KSA) is a Badminton Academy that has been operational for over 20 years. Their vision is to provide a platform where passion for badminton can flourish under expert guidance.

They provide comprehensive training programs designed to cater to a wide range of abilities and aspirations, from beginners to elite athletes.

Project Type

Corporate Website

Year Created


Tools Used

WordPress, Elementor, Adobe Illustrator

Client's Website


KSA desired a website and logo that not only reflected a modern, minimalist aesthetic but also stood the test of time. This challenge required a delicate balance between contemporary design elements and enduring style. Central to KSA’s brand identity is their longstanding association with badminton excellence. The challenge was to integrate this element into both the website and logo, ensuring that the essence of the sport was evident without overpowering the minimalist design. KSA’s vision of blending tradition with innovation and being a nurturing ground for badminton talent needed to be encapsulated in the website and logo. This required a thoughtful approach to design that communicates their legacy and future aspirations.


The new logo cleverly integrates the acronym ‘KSA’ with visual elements of badminton, symbolizing both the sport and the organization’s dynamic nature. The design is minimalist, ensuring timelessness, while still clearly representing KSA’s core identity. The website was crafted using WordPress and Elementor to create a user-friendly, visually appealing online presence. The design mirrors the minimalist aesthetic of the logo, ensuring brand consistency. Special attention was given to the user interface to make it modern and easy to navigate, reflecting KSA’s commitment to blending tradition with innovation. Through the website’s content and design, the story of KSA’s journey and their role in nurturing badminton talent is told. This not only aligns with their brand vision but also helps in creating an emotional connection with the visitors, highlighting KSA’s legacy and expertise in the field of badminton.

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