Mainland Aquarium


Mainland Aquarium

About Client

Mainland Aquarium is a testament to the allure of the underwater world, a business steeped in history with roots stretching back to the 1970s. Weathering the tides of change in the aquatic industry, they have emerged as connoisseurs of marine life. Their extensive collection ranges from the delicate artistry of Goldfish to the grandeur of Monster Fish. With expertise refined over decades, Mainland Aquarium is the go-to destination for enthusiasts looking to curate their piece of the ocean, be it in a grand display aquarium or a serene nano tank.

Project Type

E-commerce Website

Year Created


Tools Used

WordPress, Elementor, Woocommerce

Client's Website


The challenge was not just about building a new website it was about orchestrating a seamless transition from an older identity to a new one. The client’s vision was to steer their digital presence away from a past brand, funneling their established legacy into a new, modern e-commerce platform that would become the cornerstone of their online retail experience.


In response, crafted an e-commerce website that not only resonated with Mainland Aquarium’s rich heritage but also showcased their aquatic offerings in a digital space designed to convert curiosity into commerce. The new website, tailored specifically to their business, serves as a beacon to marine enthusiasts, guiding them through a streamlined user journey that culminates in the discovery of their ideal aquatic companion.

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