Towa Marine


Towa Marine

About Client

Towa Marine has carved a niche in the maritime industry with over three decades of expertise in air-conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration, and cold room systems for ships. Renowned for their round-the-clock service, they minimize repair delays and reduce the costly downtime that shipping companies often face. They also take pride in their capability to design, manufacture, and install state-of-the-art air-conditioning systems for new ships, with an expanding footprint in major shipyards across Malaysia and Indonesia.

Project Type

Corporate Website

Year Created


Tools Used

WordPress, Elementor

Client's Website


Towa Marine’s virtual anchorage was set back by an outdated website, failing to reflect their industry leadership and technical acumen. In an era where digital presence is as crucial as the services offered, the website’s stale interface and lackluster user experience demanded urgent attention.


Approaching the project with a clear vision, orchestrated a full-scale digital overhaul for Towa Marine. The new website was meticulously designed with enhanced SEO strategies, ensuring a prominent online presence. Modern, brand-aligned aesthetics were infused into the website, offering a unique and memorable digital experience that echoes Towa Marine’s commitment to quality and excellence.

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